July 2018 – September 2018

July started with a negotiated visit from BT to reroute our telephone cable.  Previously strung across the garden this had formed a bad habit of wrapping itself around the chimney for one of the biomass boilers, with the result being a loss of internet, no less.

Continuing on the infrastructure theme, the route of the old water pipe was revealed, and will be capped in due course.

And the damaged cobbles at the front of the stables were dug up and replaced with gravel.  We saved as many as we could for use as paths in the vegetable garden, but had another pile of waste to cart to the ha ha.  We also used the opportunity to install ducting into the stables for future services and traced the original drains and lead water system.

Staying outside, other projects included getting the tractor bay ready:

Starting the mammoth task of repairing the 207(!) year old garden walls:

Working on the garden stores:

And tending to some early storm damage:

It was another productive year for the garden, even with the very dry weather, and Emilia got her own Wendy house to play with:

Before looking at progress inside, a couple of other updates.  Our summer guests were making their usual mess of the outbuildings, supported by our biomass boilers that needed an overdue flue clean!

Inside the main work was getting both Caleb’s room and Meg’s dressing room ready for Eddie to decorate:

And, much to Meg’s delight, Mike even managed to get our front door bell to work.


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