January – March 2018

One of the main themes in Q1 has been the weather – snow, snow and more snow!  As a result work has slowed a tad!

But in between the snowfall we have been getting some things done.  First up, the small walled garden, with new chicken run and a lot of painstaking weeding:

Then some drainage works, getting ready for the en suite:

Then some more of the grounds and gardens.  The glasshouse was given a clean out and set up for the year ahead, Tony completed some more walling, the snow drops were out nice and early and towards the end of the quarter the daffodils also put in an appearance (not to mention some pesky rabbits!)  Caleb found a rogue parsnip – which turned out to be one of many – and Emilia mastered the wheelbarrow so she could lend a hand.

We managed to get some inside finishing jobs done as well – blinds for the windows and a refurbished trunk (thanks Aisling!):

Mike had a couple of jobs to do – lining the dividing wall between the house and the annex and also some emergency boiler repairs following a gearbox failure!

And finally, Mike has been taking some shots of the house for a blog for Earthborn Paints after using many gallons of their best Clay Paint.  Their blog can be viewed here.

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