November 2015

November was a very busy month with the continued preparations ahead of the visit from the plasterers from Masonry & Lime and then the plastering itself.  A huge volume of work with huge thanks to Steven & Iain from Atina Developments for all the work on the joinery and the plastering team, Benny, Adam, Kev, Logan & Tony. (And not forgetting Sue who kept the whole team well fed & watered!)

Before the plasterers arrived we had a huge amount of prep work to complete.  Door frames had to be made, the traditional beading on all external corners had to be fitted, socket boxes galore had to be installed, wiring run in and clipped as well as a lot of making good of the existing walls.  Note also the original decorators mark from 1882 – now cut out and no doubt will be mounted for display in due course.

We also had to replace yet another rotten beam that Mike had been dreading for the better part of 3 years.  It was the one at the top of the main stairs and was supporting much of the hall roof.  All went to plan, however, and now a concrete lintel has taken its place.

And after all that came the main event – the plastering!

With all of the work and hours going into the plastering there isn’t much more to tell!  December is likely to be a quiet month (well, mainly clearing up after a very hectic time)…  Here are a couple of photos of the mist to finish on.


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