October 2014

Following on from a hectic few months on harling, October was a bit less active.  Tony started the tedious process of applying multiple coats of limewash to the new harling:

And Mike made a start on the new floor for the spectacular room above the drawing room which has been floorless for over a decade.  The fresh timbers need to be fitted into the existing metalwork, after the metalwork itself has been carefully cleaned and primed.  Interesting fact – the original metalwork came from Dorman Long – the same company that made the steelwork for the Sydney Harbour Bridge (thanks to Rob for this fact)!  Here is a link to their site:  Dorman Long.  If you look at the 1906 pocket handbook, Pg 126 details our ‘steel troughing’.  Interestingly, as Dorman Long was established in 1875, and we know this part of our building is dated 1851 from the datestone above the porch, it suggests that the steelwork was a later addition.  This, when combined with the historical photos from the late 1800’s showing a different roof structure above the porch (see here), suggests a structural redesign around the turn of the century.  Who knows, this may be the second time that the property is under renovation!

Finally, the glazing of the summerhouse was also completed.  Now just the roof to finish…

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