August 2014

The race is on to prepare Hallyards for the next influx of workers – both getting the external walls ready for the renewal of harling and removing the concrete floors inside ready for the new lime floors with underfloor heating.

The first job is to remove all of the cement render which has been trapping moisture in the building, including taking off downpipes and our bell!

And then comes Tony’s skill, pointing any bits of the wall that are in a really poor condition before applying the base coat of lime harl:

During this, Mike had a window to repair and Dave had to complete yet more leadwork:

But Dave’s main job was the excavation and removal of the concrete floor in the big house, ahead of the laying of new breathable limecrete floors with underfloor heating.  Sadly this meant the loss of the old quarry tiles in the main hall, but I am sure we’ll make it look even better in due course!

This also involved the removal of the dividing wall between the main hall and the drawing room (pity it can’t stay down!) and putting in new foundations for the replacement wall:

The glasshouse has been a great success, despite a late start, and the addition of window stays makes a huge difference (not to mention a lot less banging!)

And last but not least, a few shots from the rest of the garden showing the veggie patch, the herbaceous border and the rapidly ripening greengages.

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