August 2013

Preparation for the harling was the main job in August (and will be in September) ahead of Hans & Co from Masonry & Lime returning in October to complete the top coat.  This involves painstakingly chipping off the old render, removing the downpipes, raking out any loose lime mortar, repointing, filling any larger holes and applying the first coat of lime harl.  All this whilst keeping it damp and protected from elements with large sheets of hessian…

Work continued on the roof with the overly-complex-for-its-size porch finally getting new leadwork, and Dave also managed to find time to install the date stone (a present from Tony) and make the new opening in Rex room for a still-to-be-acquired door.

More dry rot appeared in the annex – an unwelcome visit that was dealt with quickly – and we finally removed one of the few remaining rotten lintels and renewed the rotten roof joists – all 4″ x 14″ of them.

The window fitters continued making great progress – another batch of new windows allowing light to finally re-enter the main hall.

And the garden really enjoyed the sunshine and showers (thanks to Kennan for helping rediscover the door to the walled garden after a year of being hidden by yew branches!)

And what an apple crop we are having!

And last but not least, here’s one of Jasper, one of the newest additions to life at Hallyards. “If its all too much you can always go for a sleep…”

Jasper flaked out 2 - 25082013

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