July 2012

Work in the garden continued inbetween the torrential downpours.  The mild and wet weather proved to be exactly the right growing conditions for any sort of weed and we had a lot to tackle!  With a lot of hard work the back corner was cleared (roots still to dig up though), the honeysuckle from outside Rex room was moved, the border around the house was weeded and the strimmer saw a hard workout in the main walled garden.

The roof continued to be a priority, as it will be for the rest of the year.  Renewing the lead, cutting out any rotten woodwork, replacing damaged chimney pots, replacing weathered stone work…

Digging new drains around the outbuildings was also a priority.  The ground level outside was higher than the floor level inside and an absence of tanking had meant a substantial damp problem.  It was also the route for the new water main into the house from the borehole.

One of the less appealing jobs in July was to get to grips with the worst of the dry rot.  The photos below show some of the damage in the roof space and also in the hallway of the Annex.  All this caused by lack of maintenance – a few hundred pounds a year to clear gutters, if that.

And finally, something to bring us good luck!

Let's hope it brings us luck!

Let’s hope it brings us luck!

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